A promising future based on tradition

The origins of Baltic Distillery Brennerei Dettmannsdorf go back to the year 1900. Way back at that time, three farming estates joined forces in a potato flake factory and distillery, which was to experience a history bursting with contrast.

Managed as family enterprise until the end of World War II, the distillery was nationalised in the course of the land reform 1945. A further 45 years later - in 1990 - the company became the property of the current Managing Director in order to once again be operated as a family enterprise.

We have modernised and updated the distillery consequently since then and have structured the various ranges of activity sensibly.

We were able to start-up our new, state-of-the-art production plant in 2005. There is a grain storage unit, a heating house for the generation of steam, a building in which carbonic acid is recovered and an ethanol store to hold 1 million litres next to the production hall and the office building.

In 2012 the distillery was acquired by the Stock Spirits Group and was founded as Baltic Distillery GmbH on 26th July.

We are thus well equipped for the future.